THE BUFFALO IS IN ACTION! Buffalo vs Lion Crocodile Rhino Hippo

The buffalo or the African buffalo is also called the Kaffir buffalo and the black buffalo. The buffalo is one of the types of bulls and is widely distributed on the African plains, it has a fairly large size, for example, the weight of adult males can reach 1 ton.

But more often there are specimens with an average weight of 700 kg. In height, this animal at the withers reaches 180 cm and I do not just call it a beast, after seeing the frames further, it is difficult to disagree with this . the average height is about 150 cm and this is with a length of 3-3. 5 m.

Along with our giants, there are also forest buffaloes that are much smaller than those living in the African savannas, as well as some subspecies are much smaller in size. With the king of animals, our African hero meets much more often and has to defend his right to life.

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