African wild dogs, as their name suggests, is not the type of dog you throw a stick at him to fetch, the best thing would be to throw a good piece of meat, which will be devoured by them in a matter of minutes. Wild dogs, also called wild dogs, are voracious hunters that devour their prey while it is still alive. Eh… in this video you will check out awesome wild dog attacks and interactions. You will also see the moment when hyenas taste their own venom.

You know hippos are dangerous and very territorial creatures. Basically they don’t like anyone who approaches their space very much, doing this is asking to see the aggressive side of this animal. And these wild dogs discovered this in practice!

As they were shooting down an antelope near a quagmire, a huge hippopotamus watched with malicious intent. The dogs were grouping together more and more, until the big hippopotamus loses his patience and goes after the dogs. The antelope gets mired in the mud, and the hippo does what the dogs couldn’t do in a short time.

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