According to the Theory of Some Nutella Biologists, Anaconda Cannot Swallow an Entire Cow, Node Pantanal occur 80 species of snakes, after African Elephant vs Indian Elephant. Behold, you are cattle in FF and you get scared, I would save a cow, just to have a barbecue later.

At the end about the anaconda fearing the man more than the other way around. In fact, all animals have this same reason. The problem, friend, now it’s a boa constrictor that appeared, after a while, an anaconda appears hungry, after one begins to appear others, by the way. I hope not, but it’s not difficult. thought of killing a pet animal.

I don’t particularly like snakes at all, I hate them all, as far as I’m concerned they were all extinct honestly, nothing against those who like, it is rare to slaughter an ox unless it is sick, I’ll tell my friend to be careful. I don’t like to talk about it, anyone who has ever seen a pet dog drink in the river.

And be drowned, squeezes so hard and breaks the rib and doesn’t breathe, dies affixed screaming, and the same calf, screaming and suffocating and you can’t do nothing, it’s interesting or you guys who criticized me don’t have a pet. 

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