We will watch the epic battles of a snake with crocodiles, lions, a cow, a turtle, an eagle, a mongoose, an iguana, chameleons and others, The snake is a dangerous predator armed with a powerful mouth, sharp fangs and deadly poison. The snake is not afraid of any animal, and today you will see for yourself.

This is a very serious predator, with incredibly powerful jaws. The second time a snake eats a crocodile is not just a time, but a reticulated peton. And the first time was not a crocodile, but a caiman, it is more of an aligator than a crocodile.

Motivational video, now a snake crawling by will be immediately hacked to death with a sharpened shovel, although it would have passed by and would not have paid attention before.

Often I don’t see snakes, not that I’m afraid of no, it’s not! I just don’t like them, you can say I hate them, but despite the fact that I don’t like them, if suddenly any snake needed my help.

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